Create and Manage your Tournaments or Leagues

Manage your Team and Players

Maintain your Tracks and Records

Cricket Software-Cricket Management Software system

Jhalak Cricket Manager is a complete web based end-to-end solution for Cricket Tournament Management which is complete online cricket management software.

Jhalak online cricket software provides end-to-end solution for conducting the Cricket tournaments using fast track Auto Scheduling & updating your live tournament results quickly.
You no longer have to manually enter data, track down Sponsors, sort teams -Pooling and Rounds Management using Battle Box.
Multi browser compatibility and responsive (Mobile, tablet pc and Desktop). Can manage your cricket carnivals from anywhere on all devices. You're always up to date and ready for action!

Paper less work

Ditch the paper and go digital with our friendly application. Results are then entered live into Jhalak Cricket Manager direct from the event

Less Data Entry Job

Almost ignorable data Entry Job, Portal acts as friendly assistance Almost - No Data Entry for Existed Organizer

User Dashboards

Rich informative Dashboard Boards for all types of user

Live Cricket Pics

You can upload banners, images, Sponsor images, websites, about committee & lots more, which will add uniqueness to Organizer profile & keep people updated about your latest stats.

User Interface

All the user interfaces will be presented using web pages. This will allow this product to be used in multiple platforms.User interfaces are extremely user friendly and comprehensive. System should provide necessary information at the same time not overloading pages with information.

Auto Publication Agent

Auto Publication agent publishes cricket match details, news, updates, Scheduling Photos and results; you can share your cricket details via Tournament Description Page.

Local Cricket Tournaments

This feature will help players & teams to search your exact location and reach you easily. This will also help you in locating nearby teams, players, institutes, event managers, venues as required for your specific tasks.

Work Reduction

We reduced the work of Organizer using Work Distribution Algorithm Since, Our JCM has fully auto Team Management tool to manage the Players (for Team Managers).Player panel to manage player profiles for players. All, Work flows in fashion of “Monarch of Caterpillar to Butterfly”

Cricket Networking via Social Networking

Stay connected with your sports community & informs them about latest updates of your Tournaments details, teams, trials, and tournament & sports events via Page Sharing feature available in Description

Describe About Committee Management Profiles:
Create a personalized profile for your organization, players & showcase it to your sports community.

Cricket Sponsors and Partner Management

JCM provides Partner Manager to organize The sponsors / Partner Manager

Player Rating and Team Ratings placed against the Tournaments

Features Includes - Online cricket Software

Online Cricket Scorer as complete Cricket Scoring Software

Online Cricket Scheduling Software – Web Based

Live Cricket match Software for Score and Live Pics on this Web Cricket Software

Cricket Software for Desi tournaments and local cricket leagues

Communication Manager:
Reduce Separate Emailing: Our internal Communication Manager Works automatically with INVITE, WRITE NEWS Conceptual Buttons.
With our innovative features, you can manage all your schedules, events & team communication under one platform.

You can also inform & invite the connected users for the event, team & trial participation, which will automate your communication process.

Communication Manager fires a mail to concern Team manager id – about the tournament - If he is already existed, Else Our system Creates Dynamic Team Manager Profile with fully loaded options and Send the Invitation of Tournament and as well as new user creation mail

Tournament Organizer can easy Send Scheduled Matches information using write news option (By giving Personalized URL – Tournament Description)

Sends Pre Match Alerts to concern Teams

Sends the Results Messages to all Teams

Cricket League's Branding and Promoting software for cricket Tournaments

“Organizer will be able to create their own personalized public space (Tournament Description Page) with detailed tournament description of Tournament Dates, Schedules, News, and Sponsors, can update news in this page From End to End. Act as Unique Branding Page for Tournament -

This feature will create a truly personal & engaging experience of your cricket community with you.

This will serve as the branding agent, where you can showcase your tournament data.

Also, Can populate you page through the Search Engine Optimization service included with us of the page.

All information is Virally connected in Net Zone Package to public urls

All our pages Search Engine friendly & bring you on top of the search list. Our unique Search Engine Optimization feature will allow you to promote your tournament page in our servers accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that your tournament will be found by the search engines and web searchers “

In addition to these common feature a number of features are provided that are our Core Features – "Tournament Organizer"
It provides end-to-end solution for conducting the Cricket tournament Organizer

Single instance – User Creation @ Manage Multi Tournaments

Tournament Creation : Name, Entry fee, Over’s Per Match, Type

Easy Just invite Teams using mail id, Receive the Teams request Finalize the Teams

Pool Manager Organizer can create pools and name those, Assign teams to pool – Simple Click

Cricket Scheduling Software-Cricket Auto Scheduler

Manage all Tournament schedules under one platform. Inform & invite various connected users for the tournament & trials. You can set schedules for - specific time basis or for any required no. of days. We providing two Manual and Auto Scheduling

Manual Scheduling - Simple forms and interactive way to Schedule

Auto Scheduling Our Powerful Auto Scheduling plot form is the result of our Technical Strength

Seeded Auto Scheduling: Seeding is the back bone system for tournament organizer to do auto Scheduling according to his teams rankings

Blind – Auto Scheduling:Default mechanism, Follows First – in – First – Finalize. When organizer does have seeding with him.

Round Robin with Pools / without Pools

Knock Out Leagues using Single Elimination and Double Elimination

Single Elimination: Developed using Standard Sports Single Algorithm – for both Even and odd number teams

Double Elimination: Reached few standard charts, Winners and Looser Brackets will Edit Schedules page helps to update date and venues for auto scheduling

Round Manager (Level Manager) – Battle Box: Here, Organizer can push the team from existed level to next level, according to Points gained from the existed level. (Ex: League matches to Quarter final). Actively applicable: Manual / Round Robin/ Mixed with Round Robin Scheduling

Cricket Scoring Software-Online Cricket Scorer

Match results Entry page – displays the match list as per calendar - Recent First

It will give you the power to update and post your live tournament results quickly and easily.

Score Entry – First Form: Toss Winner, Toss Decisions, Home/Away

Teams and Players appear automatically – Players according to Team Manager’s Finalized Player list

Cricket Scoring Software with Cricket Full Score Downloader form user interface called Online Cricket Scorer

Match Result – Two innings and Match Summary

Get Full Score Card in PDF Format

Share the Full Score Card Page - URL

Cricket Live Pics and Online Cricket Photo Gallery act as Live Cricket Match Software

Upload images of your games & tournaments from your mobile or web, as soon as the event gets over.

Players can easily view the images of the latest events through the corporate profile page.

This Image gallery gives your sports community greater visualization of your sporting achievements.

Our Photo Gallery Pages help to Publish your tournament Photos to public

Cricket Team Manager – Online Cricket Team Management Software

It provides end-to-end solution for managing complete process of team creation at different levels.

You can easily group players according to sports; gender, year, course, and house avoid duplicity.

Team Manager has his own team management tools and dash boards to build the Team and to mange team independently, He can organize the Player , Invite

Every Player is an independent authorized controls over his profile Cricket Software plays a vital role in support and help in tournament management for small organizations and small tournaments like

  • Desi Cricket

  • Indian players Cricket leagues USA

  • Desi Cricket league USA of Desi Students, Desi College Cricket Associations, Indian Students Cricket in USA, Indian student unions and associations Cricket and sports USA, College Cricket clubs USA

Our Web based Online Cricket Management Software System Supports in Managing School Cricket Tournaments and Local Cricket tournaments in American Cricket

We encourage the Sports and Cricket in USA, with a very nominal price, we support the cricket tournaments and cricket leagues in America

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