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Cricket Tips- Batting tips, Bowling tips and Fielding Tips

Firstly you’re not losing sight of the ball off the pitch; the brain has already processed the trajectory of the ball in the first few meters of its flight.
  • I would presume in nets at the club that you face 80-90% of all deliveries on the front foot.
  • You need to give the brain the opportunity to practice tracking the balls flight when it is short.
  • The brain needs to experience 'watching' the ball when it is bowled short and connect new 'wiring' around how you are going to play.
  • This brings us to game plan; you need to decide how you are going to play the short ball.
  • Options ... depending on the oppositions attack, if they only have one or two quick’s you can look to work through their first spell and then get stuck into the spinners and medium pacers.
  • You can look to play offensively, deciding on your back foot options, cut, pull, hook, back foot drive. It’s important to play to your strengths and play to your natural temperament.
  • Bearing in mind you have been battling with the short ball it’s going to make sense to work with a nice tight game plan for the short ball, nothing too expensive to start off with.
  • Decide on the shots you want to play in the first phase of the game, central to this is how can you get off strike, low risk.
  • Strike rotation is important here so that you don't get stuck down one end and the game doesn't move forward.
  • Now you need to simulate this when you go to the nets, work through your shot selection, get your team mate or coach to throw to you or feed the bowling machine so you can spend time working through your plan.
  • Set out a good game plan and then you have a point of departure to reflect on and evaluate.
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