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Software for Desi Cricket – Local Cricket

  • Jhalak Cricket Management Software System is revelatory web based – online Cricket Software for Desi Cricket Tournaments and Local Cricket Leagues in America –USA
  • Our online Cricket Software is well versioned and suitably serves for large, medium and Small level Organizers, Local Cricket organizers and recreational cricket tournaments and Sports event makers Like
    • Indian Cultural Associations
    • Indian Student Associations Cricket
    • Desi Students Cricket
    • Desi College Cricket
    • University cricket
    • and NRI Cricket leagues in America
  • Our aim is promoting cricket and its technology in cricket world, in all the levels from Street Cricket to Professional tournaments, Especially for Desi, Local and Gully Cricket.
  • Cricket Software with top features
    • Full informative Dashboards
    • Easy Tournament Management Concepts
    • Manage Teams, player, Schedules, Live Score Entry, Match Results and Score Boards
    • Tournament Statistics, Tournament wise team Statistics, Player Stats
    • Upload Cricket Pics and Maintain and Shares your own tournament Albums
  • Online Cricket Team Management Software
    • May be a Desi Cricket Team, Local Cricket team or Gully Cricket team manage it professionally
    • Built your own cricket team in America
    • Invite and Communicate with all your player
    • Maintain your team Statistics
    • Shares team profiles in Sports networking
  • Online Cricket Player Management system
    • Cricket player may be a Professional Cricketer, Desi Cricket player, Local Player or Street Cricket Player, He can manage his profile with our Cricket Player Management system
    • Manage his Profile, Pics and also requests to join in nearby teams
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