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Match: Andhra Warriors vs Delhi Royals Match Date: 7/7/2018 4:30:00 PM  
Toss Winner: Delhi Royals Umpire1: Gujarat Six Knights Commentator1:
Toss Loser: Andhra Warriors Umpire2: Gujarat Six Knights Venue: Ground 5 Toss Decision: Bowl

Andhra Warriors: Batting

Batting Out DescC/St ByBowlerRunsBallsFoursSixesSR
Sandeep AWSCaughtramu drSanjay DR301631187.50
Naresh AWSCaughtprabith drshiva dr130033.33
Ratish AWSRunout Sanjay DR02000.00
Pavan AWSCaughttushar drSanjay DR01000.00
srini awsCaughtkedar drprabith dr250040.00
amit awsCaughtkedar drshiva dr251641156.25
Ranjan AWSStumpedkedar drshiva dr161420114.29
Raghu AWSRunout  250040.00
Manoj AWSNot Out  10510200.00
Extras: Wides Nobes Byes Leg Byes
22/1, 34/2, 36/3, 41/4, 65/5, 77/6, 86/7, 97/8,
Total Wickets: 8

Delhi Royals: Bowling

guru dr2.002500012.500
shiva dr2.00142017.000
shanams dr2.00180019.000
Sanjay DR3.00203026.666
prabith dr3.00202036.666

Delhi Royals : Batting

Batting Out DescC/St byBowlerRunsBallsFoursSixesSR
tushar drCaughtRanjan AWSRatish AWS10920111.11
guru drRunoutNaresh AWS 8131061.54
Sanjay DRCaughtRanjan AWSManoj AWS350060.00
prabith drCaughtSandeep AWSamit aws03000.00
ramu drCaught Manoj AWS211430150.00
shanams drBowled Manoj AWS01000.00
kedar drCaughtSandeep AWSsrinivash aws130033.33
shiva drNot Out  331641206.25
krishna DRNot Out  8700114.29
Extras: Wides Nobes Byes Leg Byes
14/1, 18/2, 25/3, 35/4, 46/5, 60/6, 65/7,
Total Wickets: 7

Andhra Warriors : Bowling

Pavan AWS2.0090004.500
Raj AWS2.00170008.500
Ratish AWS1.0031003.000
amit aws2.00181019.000
Ramakrishna AWS1.001000010.000
Manoj AWS2.0083004.000
srini aws1.0081028.000
Ranjan AWS1.001400014.000
Match Output: Normal Andhra Warriors Points: 4 Delhi Royals Points: 0
Man of the Match Sandeep AWS
Match Summary:
Match Won by Andhra Warriors at 97 Runs
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