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Match: Hyderabad Risers 2018 vs Chennai Hunters Match Date: 7/7/2018 4:30:00 PM  
Toss Winner: Chennai Hunters Umpire1: Kakinada Khiladis Commentator1:
Toss Loser: Hyderabad Risers 2018 Umpire2: Kakinada Khiladis Venue: Ground 3 Toss Decision: Bat

Hyderabad Risers 2018: Batting

Batting Out DescC/St ByBowlerRunsBallsFoursSixesSR
Manish BCaught Satya CH02000.00
Chaithanya AllareddyCaught Shrikanth CH451326346.15
Nikhil MosaliBowled Rajesh CH7410175.00
Sujith KoppulaNot Out  352341152.17
Pruthvi PendruRunout abhi ch120050.00
Sumanth BandiCaught Shrikanth CH01000.00
Kiran VadireddyCaught Rajesh CH121110109.09
Sundeep ChinthalapatiNot Out  4210200.00
Extras: Wides Nobes Byes Leg Byes
7/1, 18/2, 66/3, 70/4, 77/5, 93/6,
Total Wickets: 6

Chennai Hunters: Bowling

Satya CH2.00181109.000
Rajesh CH2.00152007.500
Bhavnk CH2.002401012.000
Shrikanth CH3.00292009.666
Amit CH2.002000010.000

Chennai Hunters : Batting

Batting Out DescC/St byBowlerRunsBallsFoursSixesSR
Amit CHBowled Kalyan Kandala332042165.00
Shrikanth CHBowled Sumanth Bandi18201090.00
diganth CHCaughtPavanGoud GollapaliKiran Vadireddy5310166.67
abhi chCaughtKiran VadireddySumanth Bandi9910100.00
Dhiren CHNot Out  19821237.50
Bhavnk CHBowled Sumanth Bandi781087.50
Satya CHBowledSundeep ChinthalapatiSumanth Bandi02000.00
Rajesh CHNot Out  4300133.33
Extras: Wides Nobes Byes Leg Byes
44/1, 53/2, 62/3, 74/4, 85/5, 85/6,
Total Wickets: 6

Hyderabad Risers 2018 : Bowling

PavanGoud Gollapali3.003500011.666
Sumanth Bandi3.00144004.666
SunilGoud Gotoor2.002100010.500
Kalyan Kandala2.00161008.000
Kiran Vadireddy2.00171008.500
Match Output: Normal Hyderabad Risers 2018 Points: 4 Chennai Hunters Points: 0
Man of the Match Chaithanya Allareddy
Match Summary:
Match Won by Hyderabad Risers 2018
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