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Match: Hyderabad Falcons vs Rangasthalam Riders Match Date: 6/30/2018 4:30:00 PM  
Toss Winner: Rangasthalam Riders Umpire1: Andhra Warriors Commentator1:
Toss Loser: Hyderabad Falcons Umpire2: Andhra Warriors Venue: Ground 5 Toss Decision: Bat

Hyderabad Falcons: Batting

Batting Out DescC/St ByBowlerRunsBallsFoursSixesSR
rihan hfBowled kiran RR9101090.00
harsha hfCaughtashwin rnaveen r191511126.67
loga hfNot Out  9910100.00
yash hfCaught sriyan r340075.00
sai hfCaught vinay r5500100.00
Pavan HFNot Out  131311100.00
Extras: Wides Nobes Byes Leg Byes
36/1, 40/2, 42/3, 68/4,
Total Wickets: 4

Rangasthalam Riders: Bowling

vinay r3.00201006.666
kiran RR3.00131014.333
bala r1.101701115.454
naveen r2.00121116.000
sailesh r1.0061006.000

Rangasthalam Riders : Batting

Batting Out DescC/St byBowlerRunsBallsFoursSixesSR
Pankaj RRCaught Pavan HF150020.00
varun RRBowled hari hf160016.67
naveen rBowled  01000.00
sripapa rBowled  422623161.54
vinay rLBW  04000.00
Pramod RRBowled  6130046.15
sriyan rBowled  260033.33
bala rBowled  380037.50
kiran RRNot Out  5400125.00
Extras: Wides Nobes Byes Leg Byes
3/1, 3/2, 13/3, 14/4, 29/5, 36/6, 61/7, 67/8,
Total Wickets: 8

Hyderabad Falcons : Bowling

Pavan HF2.0073013.500
hari hf2.00171018.500
loga hf3.00200016.666
akash hf3.0061012.000
harsha hf2.00172008.500
Match Output: Normal Hyderabad Falcons Points: 4 Rangasthalam Riders Points: 0
Man of the Match loga hf
Match Summary:
Match Won by Hyderabad Falcon
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