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Match: Kakinada Khiladis vs Simhapuri Lions Match Date: 6/30/2018 4:30:00 PM  
Toss Winner: Simhapuri Lions Umpire1: Andhra Warriors Commentator1:
Toss Loser: Kakinada Khiladis Umpire2: Andhra Warriors Venue: Ground 7 Toss Decision: Bowl

Kakinada Khiladis: Batting

Batting Out DescC/St ByBowlerRunsBallsFoursSixesSR
Sai RajulaCaught srinikodela sl171521113.33
Raghu kkCaught alok sl151510100.00
Mohan KKNot Out  332421137.50
kiran kkCaught sravan sl8401200.00
Shrikanth KKDNB  4300133.33
Extras: Wides Nobes Byes Leg Byes
19/1, 55/2, 66/3,
Total Wickets: 3

Simhapuri Lions: Bowling

srinikodela sl2.30151006.521
sravan sl2.002310211.500
srikanth sl1.0080018.000
anji sl1.0090009.000
srikanth Hari1.0050005.000
kiran sl1.001100011.000
alok sl2.00121016.000

Simhapuri Lions : Batting

Batting Out DescC/St byBowlerRunsBallsFoursSixesSR
sravan slCaughtvankat KKPraven KK8610133.33
suresh slCaughtvankat KKSai Rajula7710100.00
srinivas slCaughtRaghu kkSai Rajula17240070.83
alok slCaughtvankat KKRamana KK3300100.00
srikanth slCaughtvankat KKRaghu kk120050.00
venkatramana slRunout Praven KK03000.00
dhairyasheel slCaughtPraven KKRajesh KK261731152.94
praveen slCaughtvankat KKSai Rajula340075.00
kiran slNot Out  3300100.00
mohan slRunoutvankat KKRaghu kk4000100.00
Extras: Wides Nobes Byes Leg Byes
8/1, 22/2, 29/3, 29/4, 29/5, 70/6, 72/7, 75/8, 80/9,
Total Wickets: 9

Kakinada Khiladis : Bowling

Praven KK2.00141117.000
Sai Rajula3.00133014.333
kiran kk2.00110005.500
Ramana KK1.0081018.000
Raghu kk3.01193116.333
Rajesh KK1.001610316.000
Match Output: Normal Kakinada Khiladis Points: 4 Simhapuri Lions Points: 0
Man of the Match Mohan KK
Match Summary:
match Won by Kakinada Khiladis.
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